Shooting Stars, Sipping Kerosene

- Eighteen - Male - Canada -
- Metalhead - Punker - Cynic -

Hey, I'm Erik. I'm an angry white kid who listens to metal and punk. This is where I unleash most of my frustrations about everything. I have trust issues, a fear of rejection, a tid bit of social anxiety, and elitist points of view. You won't like me. I'm not friendly. I'm fucking hostile.
My heroes are Henry Rollins and George Carlin. I had an email conversation with Henry one time. It was fucking awesome.

Oh, and this blog is 18+.

The most notes I've gotten on a post is 110,000. Jesus.....


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nail(s) through the neck.

I hate when you hear something you don’t want to and your stomach drops and you need to isolate yourself from everyone 

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Tonight was my first time smoking a joint what the fuck is even happening right now I should just stick to my trusty ol’ Goldschlager.

  -  23 April
"It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew."


friendly reminder that you don’t have to…

  • degrade men to support women
  • degrade heterosexuals to support homosexuals
  • degrade binary genders to support non-binary genders
  • degrade anything to support something else

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